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The digitalisation has dramatically changed and sped up our communication. We have friends all over the world, we travel a lot and nevertheless we are always available. This has a lot of advantages but als some drawbacks. One of the latter is that communication has become unpersonalised and is not romantic anymore. This is what PiPo will change.


«PiPo» stands for Pigeon Post and is the first «Slow Digital» Messenger!

As soon as a message is sent, the addressee will get an notification that a bird is on the way. This creates anticipation.

«PiPo» stands for Pigeon Post and is the first «Slow Digital» Messenger!

PiPo is connecting the advantages of two worlds: Those of the modern technology with the ones of the nice and romantic feelings from our past. Do you remember the time you had butterflies in your stomach when you were looking forward to receiving a postcard? PiPo gives back to humans what has been lost in communication nowadays.


A small group of friends is already using PiPo. Belong to the first who experience a refreshing way of communication.

Send us your E-Mail address at to stay informed about the release of the app.
PiPo Messenger will run on iOS and Android.


Alexandros Coutsicos
CEO / Founder
Developer, Engineer ETH Lausanne

Nonda Coutsicos
CEO / Founder
Creative Director, Zürich

Our Work

Why hasn't someone come up with designing technology and user experiences in the third industrial revolution in a more dignified, human and responsible way? We are questioning and rethinking our surrounding with a strong believe in sustainability, philosophy and ethics. Besides developing apps like PiPo Messenger, we also create websites and identities for clients.

Join us!

We are a young entrepreneurs with valuable goals and therefore looking for motivated partners, skilled developers and business planners.

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